I'm here to help you transform your health and well-being.

Are you struggling with lack of energy to live your most fulfilling life?

If you're ready to feel better than you've ever felt, then I'm here to guide and support you on this path.


Build healthy life promoting muscle and lose toxic fat

Improve your mindset to live your most fulfilling healthy life

Dial in your nutrition for your highest energy

Improve mental focus and overcome brain fog

Improve sleep and rest to optimize your health

Detox from mold and heavy metal poisoning


Discover the the root cause of your health challenges through in depth questioning and testing

Personalize a crystal clear program based on your unique goals and challenges.

Focus on taking small consistent actions to achieve your goals and I will help keep you on track

Achieve a level of vitality you previously only dreamed was possible

I will guide and support you on this adventure and together we will make a better world

I am passionate about raising the health of humanity and I feel to make the most positive impact in our world starts with each of us optimizing our health. The better we feel, the better we interact with our world. Taking small consistent steps is the key to long term optimal health. I'm skilled at determining which practices will make the most positive impact on your health. If you're ready to live your highest energy life then I"m here to support you. LET'S GO!!!

With comprehensive questions we will discover what the root causes to your challenges are, and make a crystal clear plan tailored to your personal goals to overcome those challenges and live your most fulfilling life. I will give you effective tools and tactics to make the most positive impact in your life, and together we will flow through the process of creating your optimal healthy life.


Nutrition strategy

I've studied nutrition for over 20 years. Many things have changed in that time and there is so much misinformation. I have the ability to weed through the bull and guide you to your optimal health strategy


Personal program

There is no one size fits all solution to optimal health. While many of the foundations are the same for all of us, there are many nuances that are unique to your situation. I will help you find the ways to create your optimal health and well-being


Exercise strategy

We all know exercise is and important part of a healthy life. But most people think it requires grueling workouts all the time to be healthy. When in truth the minimum effective dose is the best way to achieve true health. This means taking into account where you are at and implementing small steps to get the most positive effect. I will help you through this process to get the best results possible with the least amount of work.


Heavy metal detox

Heavy metal toxicity is more common than many people realize. I likely had heavy metal poisoning for decades before I discovered I was afflicted by it. Having dealt with heavy metal toxicity myself, I have developed a comprehensive heavy metal detox program that helps you cleanse safely and effectively while supporting your health in the process


Listen to your body

It is very important when developing optimal health to listen to your body to realize what is working and what is not. I will teach you strategies to more effectively listen to what your body is telling you

Heavy metal detox

Heavy metal poisoning is way more common than any of us realize. I have developed a comprehensive program for naturally and safely detoxing from heavy metal toxicity

Nutrition strategies

Proper nutrition is the foundation of optimal health. We work together to develop your optimal nutrition plan and support you in the process of implementing practices to achieve your desired health goals.

Mindset coaching

Your mindset is one of the most important aspects of your health and well-being. We will work together to develop your optimal mindset to live your optimal life


As a practitioner and student of breath-work I love to share the magic of what different breathing techniques can do for our mind and body. Come join me on the adventure of conscious breathing.

You’ve tried dieting a million times. Now try something different.

Sometimes specific diets can be effective for certain conditions, but most of us really just need a good variety of high quality food in the right amounts for your body type to have the biggest positive impact on your health.


Christine S.

Charles genuinely cares about people and encourages them to be their best self. He is passionate, kind, and has a plethora of knowledge towards health, fitness, and attracting goodness into one’s life! I can honestly say I show up better for myself after having worked with him.”

Lacey K.

“Charles is a very unique holistic practitioner He specifically helped me with finding proper nutrition strategies to help me decrease inflammation after having COVID. He worked with me to find proper nutrition to heal and make dietary changes which are benefiting me each day. It has greatly improved my life. We did breath work which helped me release some of the tension I hold onto in my body. The breath-work and mindset work are excellent for helping work through the challenges faced on a daily basis. He has a compassionate and creative approach for health and wellness. My health journey has changed in a positive direction after working with Charles”

Shirley K.

"I give him an A+. He helped me with my vitamins that I needed to be taking .the food I needed to be eating . The exercises and the stretches that I need he got me moving again and I’m feeling so much better. When I have a question, he had an answer for me, and if he didn’t, he would find the answer. I was very impressed.. He’s very knowledgeable and willing to spend the time needed to get me feeling better than I've felt in as long as I can remember.”

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